Every board built by S+Surfboards is laminated with the latest biobased epoxy resin on a custom density EPS core, featuring the exclusive Ultracell Xcelerated  technology, that guarantees longlasting spring , flex and lively feel on a full customizable product range.

Ultracell Xcelerated (U.X.) is a prioprietary vacuum based Technology process developed by Surfer and Shaper Pino Mencarelli between Italy and California.

The main difference from standard surfboards is represented by the original lamination process:  the create a unique bonding between top and bottom layers, the structural lamination is done in one shot vacuum process that allow us to charge fhe foam cells and having only one “wet on wet” hardening process, result is the most efficient and strongest bonding between foam, cloth, reinforcements and resin available on the market today, with an unbeliavable weight/strenght ratio.

S+ Technology is proudly part of the ECOBOARD project, our boards are certified by Sustainable Surf, a non-profit organization focused on protecting the ocean playground, click logo to know more.



KEY FEATURES, what's different from conventional constuctions:

*FOAM: we use a custom formula specifically developed by one of the most innovative EPS factories in Europe. Density, permeability, stiffness and flex is tuned according to test made through the years on EVERY surf core available. Every S+ is STRINGERLESS.

*CLOTH: S+ uses a special fiberglass made in Europe, mostly used in aerospace industry, more tight, more resistant, more dense with superior tensile strenght and lower resin consumption.

*RESIN: S+ Technology is BIO Epoxy based with the best blends coming from France, USA and AUSTRALIA.

*FIN BOXES: S+ uses only genuine Futures I.L.T. fin boxes, made in Huntington Beach, California. (FCS II Genuine on request)

*LAMINATION/VACUUM: Every S+ is made using 2  vacuum processes NOT conventional Hand Layup, we prefer to have resin on the cloth NOT on our feet or floor. Using UX tech we are able to calculate exactly how much resin we need to saturate fiberglass without wasting a single drop and having the best result in terms of resistance and durability, clearly with a huge save in final weight. (AVG resin waste per lamination is low to 10%)

*NO PAINT, NO MISTAKE: You will never find any paint on S+ boards, only premium resintints using the best pigments on the market as fiberglass Hawaii or West & Senior on "state of the art" clear laminations. "Paint means MISTAKE". 


U.X. Vacuum tech allow S+ to charge boards with more layers still remaining lighter  than conventional constructions (hand layups/compression moulding)

Top lamination has 3 layers, bottom has 2 layers (HFC 2+Honeycomb on Top)

TEAM LIGHT:  TOP 6.2oz+6.2oz+3.2oz-BOTTOM 6.2oz+3.2oz (AVG weight on CT 5'6''/19''/2.1/4'' 2.100 kgs +/-6%)

STANDARD:    TOP 6.2oz+6.2oz+4.8oz-BOTTOM 6.2oz+4.8oz (AVG weight on CT 5'6''/19''/2.1/4'' 2.300 kgs +/-6%)

HEAVY DUTY: TOP 6.2oz+6.2oz+6.2oz-BOTTOM 6.2oz+6.2oz (AVG weight on CT 5'6''/19''/2.1/4'' 2.500 kgs +/-6%)



CT (Clear Technology)


The “surfing” standard, a no compromise fiberglass construction developed for who cares only about performance, with crazy weight/strenght ratio. We recommend CT technology to surfers or strapless kitesurfers who are looking for the ultimate feel, lightness and predictable flex.

Available in team light, standard and heavy duty version.

CCT ( Carbon Clear Technology)

New for 2019, a 120g unidirectional carbon fiber stringer and heel reinforcement on a premium Clear lamination, bit of spring and reflex added to our standard surf construction. The CCT actually represents the most active and alive flex pattern on the S+ Technology range.

Available in team light, standard and heavy duty version.

HFC (Honeycomb Fusion Core)


This is our signature and flagship hi-end technology in his second and upgraded version. 

An high density honeycomb layer is fused on deck and rails using an hi depression vacuum process that generates the ultimate weapon in surfboards industry. Honeycomb is a modular layer which gives a neutral addiction to the board flex.

S+ started development on this technology back in 2013 with one goal: build the strongest and best looking board ever done with an artistic resinwork and lethal colorways. Available in standard and heavy duty version only.

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