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Pino Mencarelli ‘’Pine Tree’is a composite technology expert and shaper, owner and founder of S+Surfboards, he was born and raised in Italy.


Started traveling the world following his father who was an airplane captain, at age of 8 he had the first trip to California, after that experience his life changed. Boardsports became part of his life.

Pino has a solid competitions background in windsurfing and kiteboarding, working as athlete and R&D for big companies he understood the importance of having the right tool under his feet, reason why he started his own company, shaping and building surfboards with an innovative vacuum construction process developed following the vision of having boards with superior design, flex,  performances and durability, fueled by his obsession for perfection, sustainability and innovation.


During his career, he had the opportunity and honor to build and design boards in Europe, Dubai and U.S.A. under his brand S+ and for leading companies as technology developer, consultant and production manager. 

Pine Tree’s shapes are progressive and influenced by  his close relation with master craftsmen and shapers of “the school of California” as he uses to say.


Concaves, channels,  innovative outlines and a constant research on best construction processes and materials  to provide the most evolved surfboards to fit the evolution of riding.

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