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HFC:X (Honeycomb Fusion Core Xcelerated)

Our latest and most advanced honeycomb sandwich layup is the result of almost a decade of research and development made by S+ in composites technologies applied to boardsports. S+ pionereed the use of alternative materials and construction processes, the HFC:X represents the final result.


A full Hi-Density Honeycomb layer is sandwiched on deck and bottom using our proprietary vacuum process with the finest and most advanced fiberglass aero grade cloth laminated with bio based Entropy Bio Epoxy resin.


The result is a super resistant composite laminate with a lethal hi-tech look.


Hi density PVC/carbon fiber reinforcements are placed around footstraps inserts, foil boxes and heel areas to prevent pressure dings adding an extra durability to your S+ board.

HFCX .png
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